Michele Vaughan

Fitness Expert

Michele specializes in helping successful women overcome body, confidence, and mindset issues to achieve better results faster, become their best self, and stay that way. Michele has owned and operated five successful brick-and-mortar fitness facilities, earned dozens of highly sought-after credentials, starred in world-famous workout videos, and is on the College of Marin Health and Fitness Advisory Board and a faculty member at the institution.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the biggest transformation of your life!

    2. House Keeping!

    1. Visions and Goals

    2. Commitment Document

    3. Staying Motivated

    4. Make Your Vision Board or Box

    5. Your Superhero Moment (s)

    6. Circle of Life

    7. What Do You Want Out of Life?

    8. Movement Work For Week 1-2

    9. Exercise Glossary

    10. Miracle of Movement

    11. Questionnaire

    1. Fat Trap

    2. The Mental Loop

    3. The Cortisol Dump

    4. Why Chronic Dieting Fails

    5. Brainwashing of Media, Marketing and the Culture of Skinny

    6. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

    7. Sugar Detox

    8. Anchoring in the Past

    9. Here is another of my stories

    10. Movement for Module 2!!

    11. Miracle of Movement

    12. Workout Glossary!

    13. Questionnaire

    1. Building a New Relationship to Food

    2. Reduce inflammation, Cravings, and Bloat

    3. Boost Metabolism and Increase Energy

    4. Macro Nutrients

    5. Powerful Protein

    6. Carbohydrates

    7. The Skinny on Fats

    8. Sugar, sugar, sugar!

    9. Portion Control

    10. Food Swaps

    11. Healthy Snacks

    12. Grocery Lists and Recipes

    13. Super Healthy Recipe

    14. Tips for Eating Out and On the Road

    15. Success Tips for Travel

    16. How the Brain Gets Addicted to Food

    17. Miracle of Movement

    18. Workout Glossary!

    19. Fill this out and bring it to our one on one.

    1. The Miracle of Movement

    2. Start With the Basics

    3. Weekly Schedule Tracker

    4. Mobility and Exercise

    5. Exercise Toxicity

    6. Mini Mobility Test

    7. Fitting in Fitness in Creative Ways

    8. Rev Up Your Metabolism

    9. Your Wellness Retirement Account

    10. Activity Tracker

    11. Healthy Sustainable Workouts

    12. Week 4-5 Movement Guides

    13. Copy of Workout Glossary!

    14. Questionnaire fill this out

    1. Triggers to Overeating

    2. Is It Hunger or Is It Habit?

    3. Life Gets in the Way

    4. High Risk Scenarios

    5. The Habit Swap

    6. Habit Stacking Guide

    7. Movement

    8. Copy of Workout Glossary!

    9. Questionnaire

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